• Seen electric cars and electric shavers

    Now, whether this future is in the next ten years, or twenty, or a fifty years is not known, but what is known is that the future will see the consumers in control of what they use. Electrical energy will be clean! Do you know that the remains of electricity production emit enormous amounts of carbon dioxide in the air? The future of electricity is perceived as green and clean. electric bike There will be no outages! More than anything, consumers look forward to seeing a future with absolutely no power outages. All things will be electric! OK, we have already seen electric cars and electric shavers, what else will the future see? May be, electric shoes! Combs, toothbrushes, watches, glasses, even clothes may become electrical gadgets.com . This dream has never been far-fetched, and with the success of wireless electricity experiments, this dream will soon come true.energy4green.When the future of electricity is discussed, quite a number of thoughts come into mind. If these sound far-fetched ideas, visit the futuristic shops at Akihabara in Japan for a glimpse of the future. Last year, a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted a wireless electricity experiment successfully. Experts see a variety of control options for consumers in the future. Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power bill. Let's look at a few of such ideas. Get our complete guide at www. Electricity will be wireless! Wouldn't it be delightful to see no wires in the house even with an uninterrupted supply of electricity? Will the future see wireless supply of electricity? Apparently, it will, according to industry experts. So, it is not very far that we will see electrical appliances charging themselves off air! Consumers will have complete control! Industry experts believe that in future, your power supply will not be dependent on the electricity department but on you. Given the concern for the environment, the electricity in future will make use of renewable sources of energy, leading to a clean environment. Alternate power solutions promise to take us into a future that has no power interruptions. With increased dependency on power for everything, consumers need to have an uninterrupted supply of power. You will have complete control on how you want the power supply to reach your place. You may not be required to pay the mandatory amount when you are vacationing around the world, shutting off the house. Currently, electricity is produced mostly by consuming fuels that are on the verge of being extinct.

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