• An extreme sport that does pose some risk of serious injuries

    Perhaps you've seen them on the T. Let me just say here that nothing gets any parent to consider your latest and greatest interest more than having you be knowledgeable and well versed in the subject. Whatever has brought your attention to the sport, you are awed by it and think that this is going to be your thing. Now if there was any doubt before, just the mention of the Olympics should give away that this is no slacker sport. Perhaps it is. By all means don't forget to mention that the 2008 Olympic games saw the addition of Freestyle BMX to its events. Explain the differences from one to the other. Know before you go! Research BMX bikes. Talk about how this sport has been around since the 1970s and how it has evolved over the years. Maybe you've seen them at the local skateboarding park. Do your research. Be prepared to earn your own money to make these purchases. If you are willing, however, to commit to physical training, studying and practicing then perhaps this is for you. Put her mind at ease and reassure her by letting her know that there are training camps and facilities available to help you learn techniques and skills. Don't try to smooth over the fact that this is an extreme sport that does pose some risk of serious injuries. Being able to say up front that you plan to work to pay your way to participate in this sport will show them how serious you really are. If you are willing to research the sport of Freestyle BMX there is an overload of information on the internet, or go to your local library. Despite what you may think, parents aren't made Electric Motorcycles Factory of money. Suppose she asks what is involved. Talk about the different tricks and what they entail. doing their tricks that look so cool and effortless. Right off there are going to be two things that pop into her mind: your safety and the cost. Research the earnings for some of the stars of the sport. Know the details of the sport. Just gently remind mom of other sports or activities that pose risks as well as everyday activities that given the wrong place at the wrong time can be a danger as well.. If you are expecting to just get on any old bike and start doing some tricks then I would suspect that you really aren't too serious about it.. Next research the safety equipment needed and it's costs. There is only one thing that could stand in your way. Your local bicycle shop may be able to provide information on training or connect you with others interested in or involved in BMX Freestyle tricks.V. Find out which brands are the best, where you can get them and what its going to cost. On the chance that it isn't though be sure to talk about the XGames. You should expect to be physically fit and to work hard at maintaining that fitness." answer. That is of course, if she even has knowledge of the sport. Don't just give the, "Well, it's doing tricks on a bike. Not only that but perhaps they will be more willing to help with some of the cost later down the road.MOM. Mention the five categories of Freestyle BMX: Street, Vert, Dirt, Park and Flatland. The concern may be that this is just a phase.

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