• Low stress exercise on the joints means minimal joint pounding

    Aerobics stepping, the electric bicycle same. It's one thing to go as hard as you can for a very few minutes. Now that's a lot of pumping folks... Pedaling like crazy on a stationary bicycle burns about 9. Uses the major muscles of the back and legs so the work you can do is at a maximum. The metabolism boosting from bikes appears particularly important.6 calories a minute. Extended, strenuous work is where the benefit really lies though.. Works even when you're sporting minor hurts.. In addition, no piece of fitness equipment will accomplish much if it's too hard or too inconvenient to use regularly.. That's the real key to long-term weight loss and the real strength of these machines. same. Boosts metabolism better, again because of the possibility for muscle building and toning. Your mileage may vary. In fact many special purpose exercise machines really do very little of what seems to be promised. But here's how some kinds of exercise compare when it comes to the very simple comparison of burning calories. Work is the operative word sadly enough. Be more reasonable and it's 7. Very little to no skill is needed and there is little danger of injury due to inexperience.. Elliptical machines are similar as well.. Muscle builder, which is one of the keys to raising the basal metabolism and long-term weight loss. Anybody can do it. There's no need to go anywhere since with a home machine you can stay right at home. That's why the key to the popularity of exercise bikes is partly about burning calories but there's more than just that.. So why do many people choose stationary exercise bikes when there are so many other pieces of exercise equipment that could be used instead? Why does an exercise cycle still remain as one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment even though there are so many newer and more flashy items available to buy and use at home or in a gym or fitness club? Here are a few of the possible reasons why, among many that keeps bikes as popular as they are. Use the major muscles and turn your body into a better fat burner. In any case, about 300 calories in 30 minutes of serious pumping. Bicycling. Low stress exercise on the joints means minimal joint pounding for us old guys.. That makes exercise bikes as valuable as many other equipment types but then there are other factors too. Not much back strain, unlike several other kinds of exercise machines. Must be a reason why.. Running about that too.. Thirty minutes of moderate to hard pedaling is quite the workout. Many activities burn calories just about like riding an exercise bike. Row a stationary rowing machine and it's about the same. See exercise bikes do many things well and even high quality machines aren't very expensive. See, often highly promoted exercise equipment is really quite limited in usefulness. An exercise bicycle works rain or shine, snow or sleet, winter or summer, day or night. That means the bikes work for rehabilitation.9 calories in that minute. These aren't a fad. Loafing isn't worth much after all.Exercise bikes remain popular as other machines come and fade away. They're all about the same.

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