• Electric vehicles weren't only designed for a 4-wheeled transport

    Ever since the invention of cars with internal combustion engines, air and noise pollution have been a major problem anywhere you go. Charging your vehicle for 6 hours from common 110 VAC wall outlets will cost less than $0. Light electric vehicles (LEVs) are now becoming more common around the world. Anywhere around the world, you use any mode of transportation and most of them are cars or any type of vehicle that uses either diesel or gasoline as a fuel. Cost of recharging an light electric vehicle is much less than buying gasoline. For longer battery power and mile coverage, lithium batteries are now available. The burning fossil fuels and noisy engines have been the byproduct of this technology that has been used for several decades. Electric vehicles weren't only designed for a 4-wheeled transport, light vehicles like bicycles and scooters adapted the same concept of renewable energy to save on fuel. As a result, noise pollution was reduced in electric vehicles since it is battery operated. With the increase of carbon emissions from vehicles that uses fossils fuels, you can't say that you are not affected. Charging the batteries is no problem either since you don't need to go electric bicycle to a station, you can simply change it at home.25, much cheaper than your regular gasoline purchase. A simple increase in the temperature (more than the normal temperature) during summer is caused by global warming which is one of the results of air pollution. While for electric vehicles, the gasoline engines are replaced by electric motors which get its power from a controller and the controller gets its power from rechargeable batteries. Light electric vehicles are designed for a single person capacity and allow you to carry a small cargo. Other designs come in folded frames for easy storage and are adjustable for different riders' reach. The electric vehicle also reduces CO2 emission and saves the user from increasing costs of fuel. Although light electric vehicles have low speeds compared to your usual gasoline powered bikes you have great benefits such as low cost and easy maintenance. The best part is you can enjoy your ride at your own pace, with or without peddling, the choice is yours! . The rising concern for the environment and the decrease of fossil fuel sources led car manufacturers to create alternative sources to power vehicles and so electric vehicles were invented. Gasoline powered engines are noisier because of the burning process of the fuels to be converted into motion to move get your vehicle to move. Lithium battery powered light electric vehicles can make you travel over 40 miles compared to regular lead acid batteries that can only last up to 15 miles. Electric vehicles run on a modified power system.

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